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World Food and Human Population Growth, by Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D.

We’ve added to the Sustainability Southeast home page a new narrated multimedia presentation by Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D. Hopfenberg describes how food supply drives human population growth, and how human population growth adversely affects our environment and our ability to sustain our culture. Click to view Hopfenberg’s presentation

Summary of the 2006 Chapel Hill Earth Day Population Summit

The evening’s speakers included Russell Hopfenberg and Jack Alpert. Russell (Russ) Hopfenberg, adjunct Duke professor and author of two peer-reviewed papers about human population and food supply, presented a summary and a synthesis of his papers. Carrying capacity is often viewed as a limit to a population. It also “acts like a magnet”, he notes, […]

Summary of the 2003 Chapel Hill Earth Day Population Summit

Raoul Weiler, Club of Rome Alan Thornhill, Director of the Society for Conservation Biology Russell (Russ) Hopfenberg