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It’s time for leaders to tackle problems

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 15 August 2007.) Bravo to Winston Kirby for his CHN letter of August 8th, “Candidates ignore pressing problems”. Many too many politicians and corporate CEOs are ignominiously disregarding consistent and overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming and other pernicious forms of climate change. Everyone understands the […]

Humans still face looming challenges

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 13 May 2007.) May 27 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rachel Carson, a woman of distinction who is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant and brave scientists in modern history. Some people have called Carson the mother of the contemporary environmental […]

Reality and illusion compete for our attention

(Steven Salmony wrote this Guest Column for the Chapel Hill News, 11 February 2007.) Each human culture presents its many members with knowledge of reality and with longstanding, adamantly held perceptions that are illusory. For example, unverified cultural transmissions can give rise to widely shared distortions of the world whenever mistaken impressions are consensually validated […]

Population growth overwhelms planet

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 10 January 2007.) Time magazine’s Person of the Year is YOU. That’s right. You and me and every other person on the planet have been chosen as “person of the year” in 2006. We are becoming aware of people power, we are told. This could mean […]

Early mornings with leviathan

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 22 November 2006.) Just before dawn, I awakened for no apparent reason, leapt out of bed, opened the back door and wandered down to the water’s edge. Everyone else was still slumbering in a dream state, I supposed. Darkness overspread Eastwood Lake and the homes surrounding […]

Infinite growth cannot be supported

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 22 October 2006.) Let us take a moment to appreciate our neighbor, Winston L. Kirby, for the Oct. 11 letter to the editor, “Growth mentality seems unalterable.” Thankfully, what seems to be real is occasionally an illusion. Such is the case with regard to the growth […]

Health of economy, Earth go hand-in-hand

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 20 September 2006.) In newspapers worldwide, seven days a week, we find the presentation of the wealth of the world economy by means of an array of economic indicators. We can see that economic globalization is carefully tracked and watched over. The interlocking national economies of […]

Time to recognize resources limited

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 13 August 2006) Thanks to the teachings of science, our children regularly report to us that Earth is round and finite in space-time. Easy enough. Then, why is it that grown-ups with responsibilities for ensuring a good future for the young deny one of these facts?