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Embrace change for planet’s sake

(The following letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 11 January 2009.) In calling for change in our time, scientists are speaking about what could somehow be true, speaking out loudly and clearly to wealthy and powerful people who adamantly insist that the “business as usual” status quo be relentlessly promoted and ruthlessly maintained. […]

Billions end up paying for excesses of the wealthy on Wall St.

(This item was published as a guest column in the Chapel Hill News, November 26, 2008.) Our lexicon of business activities is being expanded daily, thanks to the “wonder boys” on Wall Street. We are learning about derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, recapitalization, puts, short selling and so on. We are gaining a […]

Tapestry beautiful but resources finite

(Following Steve’s July letter to the editor of the Chapel Hill News another newspaper reader replied. The reader offered some objections that have become familiar to those of us who have been working for some time toward sustainable population and culture. Steve’s follow-up reply was published in the Chapel Hill News, 9 September 2008.) My […]

Letter to the Chapel Hill News, July, 2008

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, July 29, 2008.) We in the town of Chapel Hill are implicated in a daunting global threat, a colossal problem that appears to involve every citizen on the planet. No one is to blame for this human-driven predicament; yet all of us could be enjoined by […]

June 2008 letter in the Chapel Hill News

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 12 June 2008.) In our time humankind is surely experiencing the fulfillment of a Chinese proverb: “We live in interesting times.” Many of our brilliant scientists report that God is a delusion. On the other hand, intuitive and gifted believers regularly tell us that these scientists […]

Earth Day letter to an editor

(This letter has been submitted to the Chapel Hill News. We publish it here today to acknowledge Earth Day.) Humankind inhabits a tiny celestial orb that is miraculously set among of sea of stars. As far as we know, life as we know it exists nowhere else in the Universe. In the light of these […]

Life as we know it being put at risk

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 22 March 2008.) The chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change was in Raleigh last month to speak at the Emerging Issues Forum and to receive a six-figure award for his distinguished service. My good fortune was to join the panel chairman, Rajendra K. Pachauri, […]

Leaders refuse to see what’s happening

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 12 February 2008.) Scientific evidence is springing up everywhere that indicates the massive and pernicious impact of the human species on the limited resources of Earth, its frangible ecosystems and life as we know it. Guided by mountains of carefully and skillfully developed research regarding climate […]

Our gift to children is a murky future

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 6 January 2008.) The leaders in my generation apparently wish to live without having to accept limits to growth of seemingly endless economic globalization, increasing per capita consumption of scarce resources and skyrocketing human population numbers worldwide; their desires are evidently insatiable; they choose to believe […]

Clarity of vision on environment needed

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 2 December 2007.) Congratulations are due Nobel Prize Winner, Al Gore. By raising awareness of the scientific consensus on climate change, he favors a good enough future for our children. At least to me, the “powers that be” are in denial of reality and unwilling to […]