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Global Population Speak Out: Letter to Representative David Price

The Honorable David E. Price (D-NC) U.S. House of Representatives 2162 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515-3304   Dear David,   Because we are neighbors and there is a matter of personal concern to me, I am contacting you on this occasion at your home address.  This letter is copied to your office in […]

World Food and Human Population Growth, by Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D.

We’ve added to the Sustainability Southeast home page a new narrated multimedia presentation by Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D. Hopfenberg describes how food supply drives human population growth, and how human population growth adversely affects our environment and our ability to sustain our culture. Click to view Hopfenberg’s presentation

Watching the clock

This morning the estimated human population of the United States reached 300 million. We’ve been watching the planetary population clock for years. In some ways 300 million humans is just one more number, one more statistic, one more blip on a screen that has a lot of troubling information to display. In one way this […]

How to slow the population clock

From the Christian Science Monitor, 3 July 2006: For decades now, demographers and economists have warned that the number of people on earth is growing too fast to be “sustainable.” But for many, this story is somewhat old, perhaps alarmist. “We have sort of a cornucopia fantasy,” says Russell Hopfenberg, a consulting faculty member at […]