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Earthaven follow-up

Joel Achenbach, the author of the Washington Post article about Earthaven, has written a bit more about reactions to the article at his blog site. He notes that the Earthaven article is part of a series of articles that explore our cultural values. Last week Achenbach also participated in an online conversation with readers. Many […]

Reactions to Earthaven

Yesterday’s Sunday Washington Post newspaper (and web site) features an article about Earthaven, a small, energy conscious, environmentally responsible intentional community in western North Carolina. I found the article to be surprisingly thoughtful and mostly respectful. Writer Joel Achenbach explores the attitudes and interests of people who are willing to try to live “Another Way“. […]

Watching the clock

This morning the estimated human population of the United States reached 300 million. We’ve been watching the planetary population clock for years. In some ways 300 million humans is just one more number, one more statistic, one more blip on a screen that has a lot of troubling information to display. In one way this […]