Early mornings with leviathan

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 22 November 2006.)

Just before dawn, I awakened for no apparent reason, leapt out of bed, opened the back door and wandered down to the water’s edge.

Everyone else was still slumbering in a dream state, I supposed. Darkness overspread Eastwood Lake and the homes surrounding it. There was one light visible across the lake in the home of Bud Parsons. As I looked around I suddenly noticed something strange and completely unexpected, something more incredible than anything I had ever seen before. In my living room and in Bud’s house, an elephant-size humanimal was easy to see.

To my left, straddling the entire east end of the lake, stood another gigantic humanimal that was as tall as the lake is long.

The sightings of these gargantuan organisms left me dumbstruck. I recalled that in The Chapel Hill News last month, our neighbor, Dirk J. Spruyt, reported an “elephant” sighting in his Oct. 18 opinion piece, “Do we really want more people?”

I simply could not understand how so large a creature, seemingly out of nowhere, becomes present in such a way in our hometown. And how, pray tell me, could it escape the notice of most people?

With light from the rising sun, it became evident that every human being on the planet can see this great humanimal. I called it leviathan.

Because leviathan is so shocking and unbelievable, it could be that people are simply concluding that such a creature cannot be real. Not surprisingly, by simply denying the reality of its immense presence and choosing not to talk openly about leviathan, we collude with one another to benignly “forget”? about that which could soon become a clear and present danger within our midst. By making the choice again and again not to acknowledge the “elephant in all our living rooms”? we treat as taboo the potential global challenges leviathan poses to humanity and its many noble efforts to assure a sustainable future for our children and coming generations.

Steven Earl Salmony
Chapel Hill

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