Monthly Archives: November 2006

Early mornings with leviathan

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 22 November 2006.) Just before dawn, I awakened for no apparent reason, leapt out of bed, opened the back door and wandered down to the water’s edge. Everyone else was still slumbering in a dream state, I supposed. Darkness overspread Eastwood Lake and the homes surrounding […]

Earthaven follow-up

Joel Achenbach, the author of the Washington Post article about Earthaven, has written a bit more about reactions to the article at his blog site. He notes that the Earthaven article is part of a series of articles that explore our cultural values. Last week Achenbach also participated in an online conversation with readers. Many […]

Reactions to Earthaven

Yesterday’s Sunday Washington Post newspaper (and web site) features an article about Earthaven, a small, energy conscious, environmentally responsible intentional community in western North Carolina. I found the article to be surprisingly thoughtful and mostly respectful. Writer Joel Achenbach explores the attitudes and interests of people who are willing to try to live “Another Way“. […]