Health of Apex residents, economy, go hand-in-hand

Last night a fire erupted at a chemical storage facility in central North Carolina. Thousands of people evacuated the bedroom community of Apex as a cloud of extremely dangerous toxic gas spread. Rain dampened the fire and stopped the gas cloud, but now the chemicals will liquefy and drain into groundwater and stormwater run-off systems.

Several people are being treated for respiratory distress, but so far no people have died. The immediate danger may pass quickly, but what long term effects will result from poisons draining into the ecosystem of a booming suburb?

It’s a sad and scary example of the letter we published recently: Our economy affects the health of our home.

The chemical storage site is operated by a company ironically named The Environmental Quality Company.

It’s located on Investment Boulevard.

Let’s take a moment to consider this: The Environmental Quality Company…on Investment Boulevard.

Does this incident represent our investment in environmental quality?

Does this represent our investment in the quality of our lives?

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