Monthly Archives: September 2006

Health of economy, Earth go hand-in-hand

(This letter was published in the Chapel Hill News, 20 September 2006.) In newspapers worldwide, seven days a week, we find the presentation of the wealth of the world economy by means of an array of economic indicators. We can see that economic globalization is carefully tracked and watched over. The interlocking national economies of […]

How to slow the population clock

From the Christian Science Monitor, 3 July 2006: For decades now, demographers and economists have warned that the number of people on earth is growing too fast to be “sustainable.” But for many, this story is somewhat old, perhaps alarmist. “We have sort of a cornucopia fantasy,” says Russell Hopfenberg, a consulting faculty member at […]

Summary of the 2006 Chapel Hill Earth Day Population Summit

The evening’s speakers included Russell Hopfenberg and Jack Alpert. Russell (Russ) Hopfenberg, adjunct Duke professor and author of two peer-reviewed papers about human population and food supply, presented a summary and a synthesis of his papers. Carrying capacity is often viewed as a limit to a population. It also “acts like a magnet”, he notes, […]